You...A perspective.

The first time I met you,
I found you difficult.
No, you weren’t mean
But not compassionate either
And I….went with the flow
Not heeding, not caring, not wanting.
Till I realized I do.
Yes, it was you!

And so the story began
My ‘once in a lifetime’ story
You and Me
Surreal Illusory trancelike
Perfect time
Perfect moments
More butterflies…
You became
The first and last thought of my everyday being.
And I…was changed
Not planning, not thinking, not foreseeing
Yes, it was you!

The first time I grasped reality
It hurt like hell
A sharp pain right within
You’d scared me…
Scared me with your indifference,
Something I was unaccustomed to.
They say, some why-s in our life always remain unanswered
And Yet I…..waited
Not believing, not speaking, not smiling
Waited to be responded.
You didn’t change.
Facts didn’t change.
Maybe I was blind
So as not to see that…
You were the story of my life, whereas I
… was just a part of yours!

As the silence of the night creeps in
I think of you, yet again
You…who were never supposed to mean this much to me.
You, who made everything better, just by existing in my life
And I….Fell so hard
Not with knowledge, not with consent, not with consequence.
Yes, it was you!
My secret smile…but now, the obvious tear.

P.S. It’ll never be the same without you around.
I miss the best part of my everyday life!


  1. i liked the above post,but dint understand it really...!!Nevermind!

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  4. You just hit the nail on its head.All this while i was reading it like an estranged person until now when i feel the same.Probably a similar story, atleast its in sync with my life.Thank you for writing this.Now i feel i am not the only one.I am not here to judge the content or the context but i appreciate the effort you have put in it...way to go !!Stay Happy...