Are you ready to take a chance?

Take a chance’-yes, we are familiar with this phrase and the connotation attached to it. Has been used over-used, time and again in books, novels, articles, movies- the very recent being ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, where it has been emphasized in sequences more than one, that life is all ‘bout making a decision which may seem bizarre at the outset, or may not be close to being conventional, but taking a chance is what we can do, if at all we’re looking forward to experience the finest, and make the most  out of the one life, we’re blessed with.

When I look at my life in hindsight, I see many choices that some may regard as unwise decisions. However, I hardly regret any of those and I say this not because they  taught me lessons or made me more sensible and judicious as a person but  for the reason that without making those choices, without taking those chances, my life would be consumed by too many 'What if-s'.And I personally, can never imagine a life abound with 'What If-s and If Only-s'. The only regrets I have are the times I didn’t take a chance, the times my courage faltered and I turned my back on those feelings and never took that leap of faith. Maybe I was scared.

Yes, taking a chance is scary. It involves going beyond what you are acquainted with. It’s uncertain and risky. Phrases like- ‘Better the devil you know’ has been coined to justify that. But aren’t risks unavoidable? Just being alive holds inherent risks. To get out of bed in the morning is to take a risk...Who knows, it might jeopardize our lives! There are number of things that might befall, once we venture out of our cocoon. But will staying in bed eliminate those risks? Not really. In fact it will present a whole new set of perils in the form of apathy, monotony, boredom and a lack of zeal in life- each of which makes the existence seem a burden and weighs us down at some point in our lives.

So, be it choices in career, relationships, lifestyle or simply day to day activities...push the boundaries, go ahead and take that chance…avoiding which, you are choosing to stay trapped in the vicinity of your current circumstances.
But hey, 'Taking a chance’ need not necessarily be a sign of impulsive decision or acting at the spur of the moment. There are times when a person should dig a little deeper, delve into the situation and then act. Gut feelings may not always be right.

If you think, failure is the hardest part...think again!

The seemingly big question “What if I fail?”  is always going to be a nagging voice in the head from time to time. The best way to silence the voice, is to realize from the very beginning, that though undesirable, there is actually no real harm in failing, if you think about it. Even if the decision or the chance you take, doesn’t work out as smooth as you thought it would, you can at least give yourself a pat on the back, for having the nerve to attempt something different in the first place!

Then, what is?

Well,the hardest part lies in finding a balance, knowing when to take the chance and when to take a step back. Knowing when to keep pushing forward in persistence or when to just let go. It’s a balance of  the head and the heart, of thoughts and feelings, of doing what’s 'right' versus doing what you 'want/need' to do. It’s either 'bout not taking a chance and living with the regret that you’ll never know what might have been. Or taking one, risking it all, truly living life, and then accepting the bliss or the difficult path, where that chance may lead.
All that being said, if one feels entirely and utterly contented with every aspect of their lives and look for no further escalation and growth either of the mind, body or soul-this mantra isn't for them.But very few of us create the life of our dreams without taking chances!

  • Break the mold,
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Taste the fresh air that life has to offer, instead of the reek you are used to smelling and now find comforting.   

Make the Choice to take the Chance to be able to Change your life!

P.S- Decisions are the hardest move to make. Especially when it’s a choice between where you are and where you want to be. But...

I’d rather mess up than miss out.  


  1. loved it true....i do feel every word of urs...
    i can conect with you...keep doing the good job. waiting for more.

  2. motivatin n well presentd..just need2 folow our instincts n go Nuthin ventured, Nuthin GAINED......Faiza

  3. more then anything even before i have read you post,i like the picture put by the gold fish netime!!

  4. really motivating,have seen ZNMD, but haven't felt like you. Hat's off to you girl.......

  5. n waiting for next one.....keep doing this please...

  6. Nice read and very could also have renamed your article to "Running with the Bulls" which was the premise from which ZNMD borrowed its essence....In any case a nice breezy composition.