Why gorgeous women date ‘not’ so handsome men?

Yes, of course..we've all spotted that 'average' or even a 'below-average' bloke with a hot, gorgeous woman. Haven't we? And then we can't help but ask ourselves, "Huhn? What's she doing with him?"
Also most of us, especially the men folk, automatically assume that the only reason a sexy woman like her would want to be with someone like him, is because he’s rich, or 'well hung' (size matters if you let it matter) has a fancy sports car or possesses some other attribute, that he’s using to attract the type of hot woman he’s with.


Okay, so let's take a deep breath and talk about this.
Let's decode what exactly is wrong with the conventionally attractive men, and what is so right about these..well, conventionally un-attractive men.

So, what's the secret?

Trust me when I say this, good looking women have the hardest time meeting men real men!(No, no, before raising that eye-brow, hear me out.)

All that " Haww! You're so pretty, you can get anybody you want to" doesn't hold true in most cases. 

Look around you. You'll be amazed at how many women end up settling for sub-par rela­tion­ships. You'll be baffled at how many great looking women are on dating websites (and how they still remain unsuccessful).
I myself am perplexed, on how so many single hot people out there, are not dating when they want to/who they want to. Sure, there are a billion factors that play into it, but the fact remains, that thousands of pretty girls are staying home tonight, wondering what’s wrong with them…only because all the blokes they meet, are too afraid to ask them out!

Why the f*ck?

Well, sad but true...most men are intimidated by looks! 

They think because she’s pretty - 
A. She must be high maintenance
B. Hard to get 
C. Already dating 
D. Snobby
E. Worst case scenario- All of the above

And the few hot studs that do approach her, either rely so heavily on their good looks alone, that they forget to make the date exciting, or are 'players', who like to play mind games just to get into her p*nts , or claim her as a trophy!!

Enter the Average Joe.

The other category, 'aka' the Average Joe, know this and play it to their advantage pretty smooth. They know, that in most cases, these women are single, fed up of head games and craving for a real man to approach them and desire them for who they are and not solely for their bodies. 

Now because she's so clearly "better than he deserves", the average joe will go to extremes to keep her happy, since he likely can't replace her with anyone of similar desirability. 

         So, how does it ultimately work out to be?

Well well well, there's a commonly-held belief that women are infinitely less shallow than the male counterparts. They might fantasize about a tall, dark stranger whisking them off for a night of passion, but when it comes to looking for a partner, they value wit, kindness and success just as much as good looks or at times over good looks. 

Most women want a man with a good head on their shoulders, someone who’s a good listener (that’s very important) and who is a true friend. He’s got to be funny, understanding, mature and respectful.The great sex doesn't hurt either (okay, so that’s uber important) but in a nutshell, what she wants is an honest, trustworthy, fun man who can bring stability into her life and romance her; not only for her body but also for her mind and soul.
Good lovers are hard to find. So if he can make sensual love to her body and mind at the same time, she'll have him signed for life!

Or will she?

Picture this:

“A gorgeous man spots a gorgeous girl. He immediately thinks, “She’s so hot, she’s got to be taken.” He overlooks her.
The pretty girl never gets approached.

She notices she’s being ignored by a hottie and thinks there’s something wrong with her. She’s clueless and distraught, but she tries to go on her merry way.

A few minutes later, a really beastly, ugly-critter looking guy spots the gorgeous girl and he thinks to himself, “This girl is HOT! I’m going to take my chances, another rejection isn’t going to hurt, besides, I feel today is my lucky day!” 

Ugly guy approaches gorgeous girl.

Gorgeous girl is confused as she thinks to herself, “No one really takes the time to get to know me, what the hell, he may be the one, I’ll give it a shot!”  - (An excerpt from menconfess.com)

Get the drift? 
Man up guys!

P.S: Assumptions are the mother of all screw-ups! Never assume anything with women. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Observe a woman, studying her like an experiment. But never assume. 

Happy Hunting! ;) 

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  1. Awesome :-)

    -- Biryani

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  3. Brilliant ! but I'd still like to share some views which might provoke some more thought on this subject. At the end of the day every woman loves a challenge firstly and infact contrary to what you wrote , beautiful women are approached by men all the time , some suck with their demeanor , some are brilliant ,some do not approach for the fear of rejection but by and large many lose out on one thing that is absolutely important ! its " cocky humor " its usually the key ingredient in creating the perfect challenge in a woman's head. Any woman who has even the slightest regard for good sense of humor WILL AGREE to this.

    Lets face it , you tell a beautiful woman , " Your beautiful " what sense does that make ? She knows it ! The question is are men going to drool all over or are they going to hold their horses and stay calm. Most men crave , hope and pray for a beautiful woman's attention when they come across one ! , this is generally the case with the bulk of the men, atleast to what I know . it doesnt hurt to confess that Ive been in that category for most of my adult years.. but at 26 I'd rather tell the same thing to a not so beautiful woman and score the brownie points ! ;)

  4. I was compelled to respond, albeit, anonymously. Let me give you a man's perspective on the same topic.

    Why doesn't he feel like even approaching? It's primarily because a man's world is a testosterone filled feeding frenzy. Finding a mate is an extremely costly and stressful proposition. There's is so much competition that conservation of energy becomes of tantamount importance. An average looking guy would not even approach a beautiful woman simply because there is a cost of time/energy/heartbreak associated with it. He's been turned down before and knows what rejection feels like. This is compounded by the fact that he has his own ideas/views of what a happy life is (ill informed or not) and it doesn't usually line up with women's expectations.

    On the other hand,
    Women always expect men to approach with an agenda. They are so tired of attention that they are always looking at the horizon to see if something interests them. There is an expectation even before an overture. This terrifies men. You can already see the trouble brewing.

    One more point.
    Media skews women's views of what is to be expected of a man. (and vice versa)

    The logical extension of this may be that the men/women who express the opposite characteristics of what I wrote above would be a good match. Unfortunately, our lives are a confused melee of chance meetings, just-misses, almost-there-but-not-quites, luck and chaos. Defeatist, I know, but such is life. As sad as it is, men/women may go along all their lives without even realizing the(ir) perfect woman/man might just be right under their noses!

    All very confusing really.

    1. Boy! You seriously have a point there. And I would want to know who's made the point. Hence, please do away with your anonymity and drop me a msg on FB. :)

  5. Really great ... just a different approach :) ,
    perfect start of 2013

    1. Thanks Dev..Glad you liked it.

  6. I think that true, but we have to target something to achieve it, we have to have a rock to climb up, we have to be a home to feel safe from outside the world.
    So,,,,, a man always want to know a girl, but the way is a bit different... and thats acceptble..isnt it?

  7. Babe..i am a fan of ur this post that you have put up..i am experiencing this after turning single by force!!..that every man you look at gives you a question..."Is he the Mr.Right for me??? lol...
    kudos lady..hugs!!

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  9. I was lucky enough to meet the right man eventually on Globogirls.com, of ALL places. Bizarre. He doesn't even LIKE the internet very much. Anyway, it's not a never-ending cycle of no, sometimes you do get lucky. I've been with my man for two and a half years now and I've been very happy. You just got to keep trying and keep your dating pool fresh.

  10. Awesome .Shreya Podder ! Keep it up.......

  11. lot of questions answered.. :) hope i have ssen this long before.. but.. never too late.. keep writing.. don't stop shreya .. you have an talent for it.. :)