'...simply Shreya' re-defined!

July 31st,'2011..Must be some epic day, coz I,and yes I'm stressing on it, finally motivated myself to join the blogging bandwagon!And that is wow!

Have always believed myself to be good at preaching and disseminating 'gyaan' which i myself don't tend to follow..okay..don’t mostly follow! Have played the role of agony aunt, guide, teacher..Have captured moments in my diary 'bout life..love..moments..drama..heartbreaks..But starting  a blog??Nah!that was nowhere on my list..not even on my wish-list.. Why  to crack one’s brain and  think of new topics to write on? Who on earth  has the time and energy for this?and most importantly,what’s the fucking  need? Well, dunno how, but seem to have found the answers..it’s Me and as I see there’s a need.It ‘ll help me find myself.It'll enrich me as a person.It 'll add value to my life and make it meaningful..great if it does to someone else' as well! But as of now, I'm happy to have made up my mind shedding all pangs of lethargy and inertia,to maintain a blog.

The next logical step is to give it a name..and lo!Took me half-an-hour to finalize one....so yeah, have decided to call it 'Simply Shreya'..which is in fact an irony, coz the content would be anything but simple! But then..as my profile says..I'm a bunch of contradictions!Better start dealing with it! ;)

So here’s,


 which  doesn’t necessarily, aim at anything in particular ..would be as whimsical as me.. glad if it makes sense ..sometimes at least.

Dark, raw, unpretentious and more often than not,cryptic,.Strictly for those who can look beyond the realm of conventions and dare to accept the off-beat.

P.S: Prudes, please find yourselves elsewhere..in other words,get lost!!

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